About Us
About Us
Aqua-L8 value all its customers who range from School, Colleges, Public buildings, Private, Commercial sector.
Our legionella testing adheres to the recommendations of the Legionella Control Association and is carried out to ACOP(approved code of practice)
L8 2001 guidelines.
Aqua L8 are specialist providers of legionella risk assessments to cover a variety of businesses and their water systems. We provide a high quality independent legionella risk assessment service to ensure our recommendations are unbiased and geared towards adequately covering the client and not geared towards selling products or bolt on services. However, where there is a requirement to support remedial actions which arise from our inspections, you can be assured that we have both the ability and relationships to implement the most effective water treatment and water management programmes available. To simply identify a potential problem area is only part of our service, we will help guide you to instigate an action plan via our documentation.
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